Introducing ourselves

Our sandals have brought us great satisfaction.

They have learned to walk around the world on the feet of our loyal female clientele, conquered by the charm of an exclusive and timeless product, inspired by the fundamental values of Made in Italy.

Today, you are not paying for the results achieved or the progressive increase in turnover, we are focused on further expansion, all in the sign of the new Tesorone brand.


Who we are

Artisans in a world of manufacturers


Our thoughts

In our history there is a constant that does not change: the way we work. Today, much like forty years ago, we handmake our sandals, with select raw materials and all-Italian creativity.

An artisan is no longer just the custodian of the past and tradition, they are a maker who knows how to promote and innovate to face the challenges of technology.

Feet well rooted in history and a focus on the horizon: this is the philosophy of the Tesorone brand, fuelled by a great desire to grow and evolve, remaining faithful to its corporate values.

The new style

Constantly seeking out new accessories and components with the aim of triggering new emotions. To do this, it is no longer enough to rely just on tradition.

That has been the basis for the latest Tesorone creations, where artisan quality meets the taste of experimentation, and where clean and essential lines are combined with contemporary signs and materials, metals, jewellery, colours and applications.

The design of the Tesorone collections is focussed on achieving a dynamic and ever-changing tradition. Where the strength of the past meets the desire for the future, to sculpt sandals that dream of sophisticated women in perpetual movement of our time.

Our story

The legacy of a world-famous, forward-looking tradition


What, more than a surname, binds a company to the family brand?
This is why “Il Sandalo Italia”, a company to which the founder Luciano and his sons Pier Paolo and Fabio have dedicated all their energy, has decided to renew itself after forty years of challenges, passion and many satisfactions.

From today “Il Sandalo Italia” gives way to a new brand: “Tesorone”. This new business coincides with the passing of the baton from Luciano to his son Pier Paolo at the helm of the company, with the constant support and input from Fabio, the owner of the Palm Beach store in Florida.

Founded in 1975, “Il Sandalo Italia” was immediately ranked amongst luxury brands, with handmade print runs that made it as a sought-after product.

The company developed thanks to the passion and intuition of Luciano Tesorone, who created the brand after gaining considerable experience in the commercial footwear sector and managing direct sales points.

A prominent figure in history was Enzo Albanese, the first to open a footwear boutique in the heart of Rome at the time of the Dolce Vita. It was him that instilled the creative verve in Luciano who, together with a skilled craftsman, familiar with the secrets of traditional craftsmanship, in a small workshop created the first sandals destined for the shops of Capri, Amalfi and Positano.
It was thanks to this product of recognized excellence, that the brand experienced constant growth, expanding an Italian and foreign clientele. The international vocation has become an essential element of the identity of the brand, thanks to the entry into the company of the children in the early nineties, who have focussed their strategies on penetrating overseas markets.
1995 was the year of the inauguration of the prestigious mono brand store in Porto Rotondo, Sardinia, in synch with the three-year adventure in Antibes on the French Riviera. 1999 saw the opening of the Palm Beach store in Florida, one of the renowned international capitals of luxury.
In the last twenty years, in addition to direct stores, the company has participated in the most exclusive international fairs in the sector, presenting its creations in Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Monaco, and the most recent Dubai and Las Vegas. In 2014, the Neapolitan company moved to the large and functional spaces of the new headquarters, where ten specialized employees work on new creations. In the last three years, turnover has increased by 20%, with a 70% share linked to international exports. In 2017, the new Tesorone brand was born, which immediately undertook important changes in terms of image and strategy. One of those was the major decision to open a new exclusive point of sale at Capodichino airport.